Join the Club

At the end of the Beginners’ Course you may choose to join the Club as a full member, subject to paying the full member subscription and affiliation fees. There has been a change in the structure of fees at Archery GB in recent years, to include two new types of membership, which are 18-24 year olds and Archers with Disabilities.

The membership fees for 2023/24, which include the new Archery GB fee structure costs are as follows:

  • £176.00 for Senior Club Members Over 25
  • £130.00 for Senior Members 18-24
  • £66.00 for Juniors Under 18
  • £63.00 for Archers with disabilities 
The total amount is comprised of the following four elements: 

Archery GB:

This fee is paid to the national governing body for archery and provides your third party insurance, quarterly magazine and membership card.

The subscription runs from 1st October until 30 September each year:

  • £50 for Seniors Over 25 (£48 for new members)
  • £13.00 for Seniors 18-25 (£14 for new members)
  • £13.00 for Juniors under 18 (£14 for new members)
  • £13.00 for Archers with Disabilities (£14 for new members)

Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS):

This is the regional subscription, which runs from 1st October until 30 September each year:

  • £6 for Seniors Over 25
  • £3 for Seniors 18-25
  • £2 for Juniors under 18
  • £0 for Archers with Disabilities.

Gloucestershire Archery Society (GAS):

This is the county subscription, which runs from 1st October until 30 September each year:

  • £12 for Seniors Over 25
  • £6 for Seniors 18-25
  • £1 for Juniors under 18
  • £0 for Archers with Disabilities

Club Membership

The club membership runs from 1st October until 30 September each year:

  • £108 for all adults over 18
  • £50 for juniors and disabled members.
This fee is inclusive of all your club indoor and outdoor shooting.

For new members joining half way through the year these fees are halved.

Associate Membership

Already affiliated to another club through Archery GB and paid your dues to them, GWAS and GAS? Want to train with us regularly too?
You can apply for Associate Membership which is currently £108per year, or £50 for Juniors and disabled archers. 

The Tyndale Twelve Shoot Pass.

This pass is designed to help those who like to shoot but cannot attend club training nights regularly enough to make full membership an option. It is particularly suited to students studying away from home or disabled archers, who may be restricted in the number of opportunities they have to shoot but still wish to keep their hand in. 

To take advantage of this pass you must first be a member of all the governing bodies relevant to shooting at our club, so you MUST be a member of Archery GB and able to produce your membership card each time you shoot. No card, no shooting! You must also be a member of the Gloucestershire Archery Society also known as GAS, and finally a member the Grand Western Archery Society also known as GWAS. You will be required to supply a copy of the receipts on application. See price structure above for their fees.

You can then purchase a Shooting Card for £50.00 which allows you to shoot at our club 12 times. The card and AGB membership card MUST be shown to a senior club member BEFORE each shooting session begins. The Shooting Card will then have 1 session marked off it, allowing you to know how many sessions you have left. The sessions can be chosen by the archer and can be used indoors or outdoors as required. There is NO expiry date for the card and it is valid until all the sessions are used. At this time the archer can then purchase another card provided they are STILL a current member of the all the governing bodies previously mentioned.

It is worth noting however that buying 2 cards in a single archery year, Autumn until the following Autumn, is not cost effective and joining Tyndale Archers as a full member would be more economical as a regular shooter.

Please send any enquiries about the Tyndale Twelve Shoot Pass to the club Secretary via our website e-mail link.

Shooting Fees for Visiting Archers

Adults/Juniors: £5 per session.

A Visitor is an archer who is either affiliated to Archery GB through another club, or a direct member of Archery GB. If you are already a member of another Archery GB affiliated club and visiting the area, you are welcome to shoot with us on club nights by prior arrangement with the secretary. So as not to void our insurance you will be required to show proof of current Archery GB membership before shooting; No card, no shooting!