Useful References

The rules of shooting can be found here, along with the changes implemented in March 2011.

The 'Reference Guide for Recurve Archers', originally produced for Grange and Balbardie archery clubs by Murray Elliot. A very useful guide to choosing, setting up and shooting a recurve bow.

Arrow tuning and maintainance guide.

Keep track of your Round scores, while you shoot, so that you always have your scoresheet data to hand for later analysis. Choose to shoot Indoor and Outdoor Metric or Imperial rounds, or create your own custom practice or club rounds. Suitable for iPhone and iPod.

Bringing together archery news from around the world.

Among other things this shows all the rounds and classifications in depth.

Here are some files that may be of interest to you. They summarise information about the rounds and classifications used in archery. With thanks to Phoenix Bowmen of Halifax.

A whole range of archery films uploaded to You Tube.

This discussion board is the UK's largest online archery community, covering all aspects of archery as practised in the UK.