Beginners Courses

The Club runs beginners` courses that are designed to teach the basic skills of archery in a friendly and enjoyable way. People of almost any age and physical ability (although a degree of physical fitness is required) can enjoy archery, although the Club does have strict conditions regarding the participation of young persons.

The courses are run in accordance with The Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) requirements and guidelines. All the equipment needed is provided by the club.

At the end of the course you will have been taught the essential safety requirements to protect yourself, and others, from harm. You will be able to shoot a recurve bow with reasonable confidence and skill. You may also have been introduced to other types of bows eg traditional long bow, compound bow etc.

It is national policy that everyone joining the Club must have been on a GNAS beginners` course, either at Tyndale Archers, or another club.

The next course will run on the following weekends. Saturday
and Sunday, March 11th and 12th and the following weekend, 18th and 19th. For details email the secretary on the button below.

131027_40 Archery Course